Explore the diverse locations where the Mana Tech team has made their mark so far this year.

Jun 29, 2023 · 3 Minute Read

Map of Mana Tech Travels locations traveled around the world

In line with Mana Tech‘s mission to forge impactful connections, our tech team has journeyed across the globe, immersing ourselves in the tech ecosystem to uncover how entrepreneurs and creators worldwide can leverage our initiatives in Miami.

Here is a brief overview of where Mana Tech has left its footprint and the accomplishments they achieved when abroad.

Mana Tech team poses at Miami Immersion Week

Miami, U.S.

The entire team gathered in Miami for the first time to host the inaugural Miami Immersion Week program during Miami Tech Month. It was a month filled with events, bootcamps, and more, allowing the Mana Tech team to make a strong impact and start the year off on a high note.


Moishe Mana with Mana Tech at South Summit Conference

Madrid, Spain

Moishe Mana, accompanied by Charly Esnal, Etienne Gillard and Carlos Parra, set sail to Spain to participate in the South Summit Conference. Moishe had the honor of being part of the closing panel to discuss the future of Miami. Etienne participated in the panel titled “How to hack your first round of funding”. During their trip, Moishe also had the opportunity to meet King Felipe VI of Spain. The team engaged with international experts and brought back exciting projects for the future.


Matías Barbero with Delfina Alemana

Córdoba, Argentina

Matías Barbero, Head of Operations and Partnerships, and Delfina Alemana, Strategic Partnership Analyst, joined forces and headed to Córdoba to participate in the Foro de Capital Emprendedor event. Additionally, Matías delivered a speech at a side event addressing internationalization challenges. Both were also part of an amazing team that organized the networking event, Córdoba VC Meetup, providing them with an immersion experience in the Argentinian tech community.


Matías Barbero with Fabrizio Opertti

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Barbero continued his journey by flying to the tropical lands of Jamaica for the Outsourced 2 LAC tech conference, where he was a panelist in the session “Discovering the Next Generation of Innovators”.


Charly Esnal at IDB Lab Forum

Bogotá, Colombia

Finally, Charly was invited to Colombia to meet the tech community of Latin America at the IDB Lab forum. He was delighted to listen to Irene Arias Hofman, CEO of IDB Lab, speak about “The Need for an Innovation Hub for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean”. Charly will incorporate this valuable knowledge to his plans for Mana Tech.

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