Mana Tech Talks Episode 3: The Shrimp Society

What originated as a secret society for a few early-stage startup founders, has transformed into a local network for next-generation entrepreneurs.

Aug 29, 2022 · 3 Minute Read

In an effort to highlight the key businesses that make up Miami’s technology and innovation space, Mana Common‘s tech division continues its ‘Mana Tech Talks’ video series with Episode 3.

In the latest episode, we meet the team from The Shrimp Society, Miami’s community-building platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. During the conversation, Founder Chris Daniels, COO Ernesto Mandowsky, and CTO Jackson Davis describe how the concept started, the success that it has become, and why they choose to focus on individual investors and entrepreneurs rather than companies as a whole.

I really felt like there wasn’t a community for early-stage startup founders and I was always kind of in tech and entrepreneurship, starting all these businesses in college. So in 2017, I said you know what? Let me just get a group of 10 people that are kind of into this startup stuff that I could find on LinkedIn or through friends of friends, we just started having Sunday dinners.

Chris Daniels, Founder, The Shrimp Society

The Shrimp Society’s mission was to make their platform the innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Miami, and they did exactly that. Their community has grown from 10 to 2,000 members, thanks to word getting out about their frequent happy hours, dinners, and meetups. In fact, some members who sat at the table during those Sunday dinners have made waves in the tech industry with their startups, becoming successful companies.

As The Shrimp Society’s community continues to grow, and as Miami continues to solidify itself as a global tech hub, the team shows no signs of slowing down.

Definitely think Miami is the tech and startup city of the future. It has such an openness to it, and everyone wants to give first and collaborate. There’s an optimism in Miami that I haven’t felt in other places.

Daniels, Founder, The Shrimp Society

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or investor, join The Shrimp Society tribe today!

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