Mana Tech Talks Episode 1: AEXLAB

The one-on-one interview with Co-Founder Jonathan Ovadia explores the VR gaming startup from inside the AEXLAB headquarters.

May 31, 2022 · 2 Minute Read

Mana Common’s tech division aired the first-ever ‘Mana Tech Talks’, showcasing AEXLAB, a virtual reality and gaming development studio creating meaningful technologies for gaming, training, simulation, and more. In the episode, Co-Founder Jonathan Ovadia tells the story of AEXLAB, the struggles he and his team faced while attempting to secure funding for the platform, and explains why Miami is the perfect place for the company’s offices.

“Having been born in Miami, there’s not really a big VC culture out here,” says Ovadia regarding the beginnings of his startup. After visiting Silicon Valley to secure investors for the company, he was turned down countless times. However, he still decided to pull through and look elsewhere.

You’re not ex-Google, ex-Facebook, ex-Snapchat, ex-Microsoft, you’re not ex-anything, we’re not going to give you any money. That’s actually one of the reasons why it’s called AEXLAB because we’re not ex-anything, we’re just AEXLAB.

Jonathan Ovadia, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AEXLAB

Due to the support of the VR community that saw AEXLAB’s potential, investors were eager to get on board and provide funding. As Ovadia mentions, once the community began supporting, other companies hopped on the bandwagon, and that’s when AEXLAB took off with over 10 million dollars in funding. AEXLAB plans to launch its game’s beta this summer of 2022.

About Mana Tech Talks

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