‘Building the Bridge’: Connecting Miami and Uruguay’s Tech Scenes through Mana Tech and Base Miami

Exploring the successful accelerator program and its impact on Miami’s thriving tech ecosystem.

May 12, 2023 · 2 Minute Read

Mana Tech and Base Miami partnered with Ingenio, a Uruguayan business incubator, and the Uruguayan Government to launch the Building the Bridge accelerator program in Miami. Seven founders and their teams participated in the program, gaining valuable insights into the US market and scaling strategies with the help of Mana Tech’s expert team.

The program concluded with a highly anticipated demo day, where the founders presented their companies to esteemed judges and potential investors. PlanIT Uruguay, led by Florencia Kalfaian and Federico Lamback, emerged as the winners of the pitch competitions and received recognition as the outstanding company by their fellow founders.

Mana Tech and Base Miami emphasized the critical role of having the right resources to succeed in the US market. Their dedicated team of experts are committed to assisting international tech entrepreneurs in establishing their startups in Miami. The program’s success highlights Miami’s emergence as a hub for tech entrepreneurship.

I believe the drive and initiative it takes for individuals to come to America, to step outside their comfort zones and enter a foreign country, speaks volumes. Surrounding them with organizations like Mana Tech, individuals like Charly who are eager to foster and cultivate that motivation, connecting them with intellectually stimulating and motivational resources, and forging relationships that open new doors. Here, the only way they can fail is by giving up, and that's not what we see happening.

Bo Megginson, Managing Partner, Gold Coast Angels

Charly Esnal thinkingCharly Esnal, Managing Director of Mana Tech

The success of Mana Tech in this program exemplifies its commitment to positioning Miami as the next prominent tech hub. The team aims to extend its knowledge and connections to tech startup founders worldwide, inviting them to Miami to maximize their companies’ global presence.

Miami is a place not only full of ideas, but also full of individuals eager to discuss and explore them further.

Kaushal Sampay, Co-Founder, Aha! Class

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