Mana Tech Talks Episode 6: Nala

Nala’s CEO and CPO explain how their HR support tool enhances the workforce experience.

Dec 15, 2022 · 2 Minute Read

For our last Mana Tech Talks of 2022, we sat down with Nala’s CEO Ximena Paul, and CPO Maria Fernanda Castillo. The talent management company, established in 2020, is a platform focused on providing executives with real-time data for better visibility of what is happening within the workforce.

Nala is focused on four areas: leadership, performance, teamwork, and the culture of the company. The support tool’s mission is to produce valuable insight that enhances employee satisfaction within an organization by basing decisions on the performance, skills, and potential of each worker. It is user-friendly, fast, and easy for HR teams to integrate.

There was always a big gap between how HR was facing challenges and how managers needed data in real-time… We want to help companies by giving them a partner that would help them identify talent no matter who they are in the company.

Ximena Paul, CEO, Nala

The three founders come from different backgrounds, each bringing their own perspective and company culture to Nala’s business model. One thing they all have in common is their passion to further expand and grow Nala in the US, which is why they chose Miami as their base.

What you notice right away about Miami is its diversity. If you are coming from Latin America, there is no better place to be. Here you get access to a lot of big LATAM companies, and you get a mixture of different cultures… Miami is the gateway for LATAM into the US.

Ximena Paul, CEO, Nala

Miami gives a great quality of life and now has this huge environment for entrepreneurs and startups to grow.

Maria Fernanda Castillo, CPO, Nala

Keeping employees satisfied can be challenging. With Nala, you have the tools that allow managers to enhance the workforce experience and maximize the potential of their team.

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