Mana Tech Talks Episode 5: OneOf

Learn more about web3 and how NFTs are taking over the entertainment industry in our exclusive interview with CEO, Lin Dai.

Oct 27, 2022 · 3 Minute Read

As we continue to connect with the great tech minds of Miami, the Mana Tech team headed to Wynwood to get to know this month’s special guest on Mana Tech Talks. In Episode 5, OneOf Founder and CEO Lin Dai takes us into the world of web3 to discover more about the sustainable and energy-efficient non-fungible token (NFT) platform.

OneOf is an environmentally-friendly NFT platform that focuses on bringing iconic athletes, brands, and musicians into the Metaverse. Doja Cat, Whitney Houston, Shaquille O’Neal, and Wayne Gretzky are just a few of the A-listers using the platform to distribute their NFTs. Since its beginnings in 2021, OneOf has become one of the biggest entertainment NFT marketplaces teaching users about the creator economy and connecting them with their fans.

We really wanted to show off why we are a different NFT platform and technology. Creating an NFT a year ago was very costly and very energy intensive. We brought the minting cost down to effectively under a penny, and we reduced the energy and carbon footprint by up to two million times

Lin Dai, Founder & CEO, OneOf

We also received insider details on their latest comic NFT collections, in partnership with eBay and two of the biggest comic legends, Stan Lee and HeroMaker Studios. The collections launched at New York’s Comic-Con this year, giving fans the power to own NFTs of their favorite superheroes and participate in the creation of the character’s storylines. Dai highlights the importance of how “NFTs can be more than just collectibles, they can be new ways to build media models for things we love and have fans participate in the growth of this new industry.”

Dai closed the interview by speaking about how Miami is building up to become the next tech hub. Miami seemed inevitable for OneOf as the year 2020 closed doors for a lot of entrepreneurs, forcing many to start looking in different directions. However, he saw value in Mayor Francis Suarez’s campaign during the pandemic and sought to open those doors in South Florida. Dai was impressed with how Suarez had achieved reaching out to tech entrepreneurs around the U.S.

In 2020 nobody else was on that level of thinking and transforming a city that was known for leisure into a tech hub. That's what Mayor Suarez was set out to do. To turn Miami into the capital of capitals, and really attract tech entrepreneurs and blockchain entrepreneurs. Moving the OneOf headquarters to Miami was probably the best decision in my entire entrepreneurial career.

Dai, OneOf

Watch the full episode to learn from the mastermind behind OneOf and how they built a sustainable creator economy.

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