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Bienes Raíces Magazine Spotlights Moishe Mana’s Unique Community Building Approach

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the visionary's blueprint for revitalizing Miami's Flagler District, his road to success, and the inspiring force behind his vision.

Apr 23, 2024 · 2 Minute Read

Moishe Mana, widely recognized as the ‘King of Wynwood Development’, was interviewed in the April edition of Bienes Raíces Magazine, where he discussed his visionary plans for Miami, with a special focus on his Mana Wynwood property. The 30-acre mixed-use campus is the physical embodiment of Mana’s vision of Wynwood as a permanent hub for arts and entertainment in Miami.

Mana’s journey from a penniless Israeli student to becoming one of the most iconic figures in the U.S. real estate and art scenes is a testament to his impact on urban development and culture. Over the years, Mana has established several major institutions, including Mana Contemporary in New Jersey, Chicago, and Miami and Milk Studios, expanding his influence from New York to Miami and Los Angeles. 

Mana delves deep into his latest ambitious project, the ‘Mana Common Project’ in Downtown Miami’s Flagler District. This initiative aims to introduce over five thousand residential and office units catered to middle-income families, addressing a critical need of the city. Mana’s approach is holistic; he views development projects not just as business ventures but as opportunities to foster community and cultural growth.

I am in favor of creating a better and more compassionate world, with greater understanding among people.

Moishe Mana, Chairman & Founder, Mana Common

Mana emphasized the collaborative nature of his projects, disavowing the notion that these achievements are his alone. He credits the collective efforts of the many individuals who share his vision and commitment. Mana’s story is not merely about financial success but about his  desire to give back to a city that has given him so much, aligning with his broader goal of enhancing societal well-being through thoughtful development.

His reflections also touch on personal philosophy, the importance of evolving and growing not just economically but spiritually and socially. He candidly discusses his roots, his challenges, and his inspirations, particularly highlighting the influential role of Nikola Tesla on his understanding of human energy and connectivity. Interviewer Pina Armentano, also known as “The Lady of Real Estate,” captures Mana’s essence not only as a developer but as a thinker, a revolutionary in his own right, who continues to dream big for the betterment of society. Mana’s narrative is one of relentless perseverance, insightful innovation, and a deep-rooted belief in the power of human connection and legacy.

Souce: Pina Armentano. (2024). ‘La Dama Del Real Estate con Wynwood Developer King Moishe Mana.’ Bienes Raíces Magazine. (April).

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