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WEGx Spotlights South Florida’s Cinematic Traditions at Mana Wynwood Premiere

The two-day film industry event at Mana Wynwood 320 celebrated South Florida’s contributions to the modern film industry.

Apr 22, 2024 · 1 Minute Read

White Elephant Group (WEG), a collective of emerging artists dedicated to filmmaking and community building, hosted WEGx on April 22nd and 23rd at Mana Wynwood 320. The event sparked insightful discussions on South Florida’s role in revolutionizing the modern film industry.

WegX at 320WEGx hosted a series of filmmakers pitching their scripts inspired by South Florida culture

Throughout the weekend, South Florida’s filmmakers, media artists, and leading figures from the regional and national film scenes engaged in a series of programs including pitch competitions, experimental panels, open debates, and community dialogues. The objective was to overturn established ideas about the region’s significance in the global film industry and to reimagine its distinctive influence on both the cultural and industrial facets of cinema.

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