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Mana Fashion Services Hosts Three-Day Immersive AR Experience and Upcycling Activations for Earth Day

Explore sustainable fashion and reshape your view on denim at EcoDenim Odyssey.

Apr 15, 2024 · 2 Minute Read

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Since its launch in Spring 2022, Mana Fashion Services has steadfastly built a fashion community promoting sustainability, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship. In celebration of this ethos, the team has organized an engaging Earth Day event series focused on sustainable fashion. 

Experience EcoDenim Odyssey, a three-day event from Wednesday, April 24th, through Friday, April 26th, at Mana Fashion HQ. This free, public program will feature eco-friendly fashion initiatives, upcycling activations, a fashion swap, and workshops discussing sustainable solutions and challenges.

At the center of the lineup, guests will have the opportunity to experience a virtual odyssey presented by Arcadia Earth, utilizing Microsoft 360 HoloLens technology to explore sustainable solutions within the fashion industry.

In the spirit of eco-friendly fashion, guests are encouraged to bring a pair of shoes for embellishment, painting, or customization in partnership with the Miami Shoe Museum. Additionally, Denim Upcycle Artist Jesus Pineda will be present on April 24th and 25th to transform guests’ used jeans into new creations, from patchwork designs to converting long jeans into shorts. 

On Friday, April 26th, Global Fashion Exchange will facilitate a community clothing swap where guests can bring up to five items of clothing in excellent condition—pieces worthy of gifting to a friend. Each attendee may exchange up to five items, offering a perfect opportunity to refresh wardrobes and mingle.

Lisu Vega, a Venezuelan-American artist and sustainable fashion designer, will feature a custom exhibit throughout the event. Vega uses the concept of “weaving” to explore the connection between emotions and memories, both in her physical materials and as a metaphorical process. Discover more about Vega in an exclusive interview with the Mana Fashion Services team.

Additionally, Candiani and Triarchy will come together to convey their stories through compelling visuals within the event space. As leaders in denim, Candiani triumphs sustainability in fashion by creating denim from fibers grown sustainably. Candiani are innovators in sustainability and pioneers in certifications. Learn more about Candiani’s eco-friendly processes here. Last but not least, discover how sustainable denim is made with the Plastic-Free Women’s Collection presented by Triarchy.

Special thanks to the partners of Mana Fashion’s Earth Day programming including Candiani, Climate Week Miami, The Flowers Point, Gradible, Hey Hei, Jeanologia, Joy Wallace Catering, Triarchy, Truman Vodka, and Source USA. Join us in shaping a sustainable future. RSVP today!

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