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This Month at Mana Contemporary: February 2023

An up-to-date listing of what's happening at Mana Contemporary Jersey City and Chicago campus’ during February 2023.

Feb 3, 2023 · 2 Minute Read

This Month at Mana Contemporary: February 2023 illustration

    Jersey City

  • Monira Fridays: EMERGE

    Feb. 10, 6-10pm ET

    Monira Fridays: EMERGE flyer

    Join us for a film noir-themed event hosted by Diego Roq and Cara O’Brien, in collaboration between Monira Foundation, ROQ Initiative, and Amaku Showcase. Enjoy an evening of live musical performances, custom typewriter poetry, live painting, and more.

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  • The You Voice: Special Performance

    Feb. 11, 7-9pm ET

    Dancer and choreographer, Rebecca Margolick

    In celebration of the end of a two-month run of Derrick Belcham’s The You Voice at Mana Contemporary, dancer and choreographer Rebecca Margolick, musician David Moore of Bing & Ruth, and Derrick Belcham will perform a new 45-minute piece based on the text of the exhibition.

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  • Conceiving the Plan: Nuance and Intimacy in Civic Space

    Exhibition on view beginning Jan. 28

    Conceiving the Plan flyer

    This brand-new exhibition features a series of post-2020 proposals by a range of international architects, considering Civic Space in contemporary terms. It asks the following questions: How can civic spaces be imbued with nuance? In what ways does such a quality persist in the city? Can one discuss intimacy in architectural terms?

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  • Chicago

  • Jonas Mekas, Open Archives presented by Monira Foundation

    Feb. 23, 2023 – Jan. 26, 2024

    Jonas revisiting with his brother their first home in New York where they lived together on the corner of Union and Meserole in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    Monira Foundation proudly presents Jonas Mekas, Open Archives, a year-long exhibit at Mana Contemporary Chicago featuring artifacts, items, and memorabilia from Mekas’ personal archives.

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