Small Business Spotlight: Churchill’s Barber Shop

Iconic barbershop owner, Jose Goyanes, reveals how this neighborhood staple has stood the test of time for over 20 years.

Jul 8, 2022 · 3 Minute Read

Small Business Spotlight: Churchill’s Barber Shop

At the corner of SE 1st St & 1st Ave in the Flagler District, you’ll find a refined neighborhood go-to spot for gentlemen’s haircuts and tonsorial services. Upon entering Churchill’s, you’ll immediately be greeted by the appointment attendant, an array of hair products, and a refreshing beverage before taking a seat in the traditional English old-fashioned lobby. With its masculine interior and hints of concealed leather, the sounds of trimmers envelop the air and chairs become filled with patrons ready for their routine cut. This long-loved establishment has been open for over 20 years, and while it has endured numerous changes and obstacles, the one thing that remains constant is the shop’s employees.

We sat down with owner Jose Goyanes who expressed insightful details about public figures who have popped into the shop for haircuts, all the intricacies of barbershop ownership, and the heart and soul of the business, his team.

How did you come up with the name Churchill’s?

As you may or may not know, barbershops originated in England and with Winston Churchill being a profound figure in the country and all, I said, you know what? I think Churchill’s truly evokes British culture—so that should be the name.

Churchill's Barber Shop, Downtown MiamiChurchill's Barber Shop, Downtown Miami

How long has Churchill’s been in Downtown Miami?

Churchill’s has been established in the Flagler District area for over 20 years. We aren’t interested in expanding elsewhere. The minute you start expanding, you start diluting the talent. This is our baby and we have little turnover on our staff, many having been around for over a decade.

Who makes up the majority of your clientele?

We have a lot of lawyers come in for their haircuts and usually provide us with a good amount of referrals. We also have many regular customers of various ethnicities, from Greeks to Americans to Hispanics. Recently, we’ve picked up many New Yorkers that have moved to the city. They are super happy with the quality and decrease in price, having paid much more in New York.

What are your thoughts on Downtown Miami’s revitalization? Do you see a resurgence of life forming?

If you look at the big picture—one block east of us we are getting a high rise. It’s a rental building that will help the businesses in town. The Nikola Tesla Innovation Hub that Mana Common has been building will bring people to work, too. It should increase the overall foot traffic in the area. We are here for the long haul and excited to see the changes that come to the neighborhood.

What would you say is the most difficult aspect of owning a barbershop?

It looks a lot easier than what it really is. To please people on a consistent basis is difficult. When you go through 50-100 customers in a single day, and ask yourself if every single one is happy, that’s a tough question to ask yourself.

Have you ever had any celebrities or public figures come in for a service?

Every year during the Miami Open, we get a lot of the tournament’s tennis players in for a haircut. Family members of celebrities often stop by and a couple of racecar drivers, as well, who frequent the city. But, I think our celebrities are our customers who have been coming to us for years.

Customer getting a haircut at Churchill's Barber ShopCustomer getting a haircut at Churchill's Barber Shop

Did you know?

  • The owner of Churchills has never cut hair before!
  • Most employees have been around for over a decade
  • Jason Statham has had his haircut there

Enjoy the finest haircut in town by booking your appointment at Churchill’s Barber Shop today.

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