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MYRIAD: A Celebration of BIPOC Artistry at Mana Contemporary

The exhibition in Jersey City showcases the dynamic works of BIPOC artists, curated by Bryant Small, from February 16th to May 17th.

Feb 29, 2024 · 1 Minute Read

MYRIAD: A Celebration of BIPOC Artistry at Mana Contemporary

Mana Contemporary, a cornerstone of culture in Jersey City, will host the MYRIAD exhibition, highlighting the contributions of BIPOC artists. Under Bryant Small’s curation, the exhibit presents a diverse collection of artworks, inviting exploration into a spectrum of narratives and expressions.

From February 16th to May 17th, MYRIAD offers a journey through the works of notable artists including Courtney Minor, Jose Miguel Diaz, Tomatse Ogedegbe, Daniel Jenkins (The Smoke Artist), Sajal Sarkar, Sunil Garg, Natalie Yutung Hou, Lana Abraham-Murawski, Danielle Scott, Leandro Comrie, Anthony Boone, Yoshiyuki Minami, and Jeremy DeHitta.

With extensive experience curating in New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., as well as being a guest curator for Bridge Art Gallery’s “Expressive Creative Soul,” Small brings unique insights to this exhibition. For more information and viewing hours, email tours@manacontemporary.com.

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