April 27, 2022

Moishe Mana Sprouts Fruitful Agricultural Business in Colombia

The Miami Herald reveals how Moishe Mana’s thriving agricultural business in Colombia came together.

Moishe Mana’s agricultural empire all started in 2014 in Medellín, Colombia, with Managro Farms, which he launched alongside co-founder and partner Chagai Stern. The consumer brand is part of Mana Agro, the agricultural division of Mana Common. In addition to dairy products, Managro cultivates Tahiti limes, mangoes, oranges, pineapples, and corn. Managro Farms has grown immensely over the years and is close to starting a new chapter by the end of 2022, including land expansion and the employment of more farmers to satisfy the operation’s demands.

We believe Colombia could be the garden to feed the world. It has the Pacific and the Atlantic (oceans). It has plenty of land. Colombia is a country with many natural resources.

Chagai Stern, Co-Founder, Managro Fresh
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Source: Miami Herald / April 27, 2022

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