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‘Mana Wynwood Talks’ with David Sinopoli, Co-Founder of III Points

The Miami music pioneer discusses the logistics behind the music festival and how the event location has allowed the project and city to flourish.

Oct 19, 2022 · 2 Minute Read

This weekend, III Points makes its way back to Mana Wynwood for its annual multi-genre music festival, widely known for putting Miami’s live music scene on the map in 2013.

III Points is centered around creating an experience that bends the mind through music, art, and technology. By connecting the sound of performances across various stages, along with immersive art installations and cutting-edge designs throughout the property, the ingenuity of the production is unlike any other.

The festival’s curator, David Sinopoli, talks us through the evolution of his career, and how what started as an opportunity for locals to showcase their talent developed into a massive two-day festival featuring over 150 renowned artists.

This year we're going to perfect the project. You can only learn how to use a space, by using a space.

David Sinopoli, Co-Founder, III Points

In our one-on-one conversation with Sinopoli, he shares with us the 2022 thought-out event layout and various adjustments the team has implemented to enhance the festival experience for all. Selling fewer tickets, spreading out the stages, and maximizing the use of the campus are some of the improvements that will make attendees feel safe and calm.

There’s a reason III Points, and dozens of other prominent large-scale events, continue to return to Mana Common’s 30-acre multi-use property year after year. Mana Wynwood has expanded with the III Points community since its inception and will continue to introduce innovative, one-of-a-kind events like III Points to the forefront of our city, challenging promoters to create rather than duplicate.

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