‘Mana Wynwood Talks’ with Amir Korangy: Founder of The Real Deal

The real estate mogul compares the originality of Wynwood to the iconic Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Mar 21, 2023 · 2 Minute Read

Since 2016, The Real Deal has brought together political power players, development prodigies, and South Florida’s best sellers to Mana Wynwood Convention Center for the largest real estate event in the region. The annual real estate showcase, which saw tremendous success after beginning in New York City, made its way to Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District during a time when the city’s real estate market began to propel to new heights.

In the latest installment of ‘Mana Wynwood Talks’, The Real Deal Founder, Amir Korangy, discloses how the event began, why he chose to expand to Miami, his reasoning for continuing to host the event at our one-of-a-kind venue each year, and his thoughts on the neighborhood’s development through visionaries like Moishe Mana.

South Florida Real Estate Showcase + Forum, Mana Wynwood Convention CenterAttendees entering ‘South Florida Real Estate Showcase + Forum’ at Mana Wynwood Convention Center, November 2022

There’s a real authentic community in Wynwood that I love, and in terms of how it’s going to transform in the future, I think the fact that they’ve kept it this authentic for this long is a great sign for Wynwood.

Amir Korangy, Founder, The Real Deal

Korangy commends the neighborhood’s numerous property owners who have held themselves accountable for upholding the district’s roots, including Mana Common Founder and Chairman, Moishe Mana.

He’s trying to keep the true bones of the buildings that he owns while trying to create a community in an area where it was very fragmented. That’s a very valuable thing.

Korangy, Founder, The Real Deal

Moishe ManaMoishe Mana, Founder & Chairman of Mana Common

Watch the latest episode of Mana Wynwood Talks to learn more about The Real Deal’s annual South Florida Real Estate Showcase and Forum, and visit the publication’s website to get the latest news and insights on the Miami real estate market.

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