Base Miami Provides a Complete Soft-Landing Tool with their Market Fit Program

The Mana Tech merger with Base Miami has brought in a team of experts to help Latam and Caribbean Startups enter the US market.

Feb 6, 2023 · 2 Minute Read

Charly Esnal, Managing Director of Mana Tech, writing on white board

In April 2022, Mana Tech merged with Base Miami, a company that focuses on educating and guiding Latam and Caribbean tech startups to enter the US market in a short period of time. Many companies come to the US and spend a year or two trying to figure out the market and how to get customers. They go straight into sales mode and as time goes by, everything costs more and takes longer to get your ROI. Companies learn the hard way that there is a big difference between selling at home and selling in the US. Base Miami has created the Market Fit Program to help companies save time, money, and resources when expanding to the US.

Base Miami’s program delivers all the tools necessary for a soft landing in the US/Miami, which is valuable because making mistakes is expensive. The experience surpassed my expectations.

Ignacio Uribe, CEO, Gregario

The goal of the Market Fit Program is to work with small and medium-sized tech companies that have customers in their home country and feel that the time to reach a different horizon. The Base Miami team enables companies to test and adjust their assumptions about the market entry business model and find out all the tips and tricks about the market beforehand. The program also helps companies reduce risk first, so they don’t commit time and money to a strategy that doesn’t work.

Base Miami members on Zoom

Base Miami is an outstanding advisor for companies like us, that are looking to start business operations in the US. Their understanding of the US market and the feedback and advice they have given us, have been instrumental and extremely valuable. I highly recommend Base Miami if you are looking to do business in the US.

Claudia Rojas, CEO, Real Time Analytics

While companies typically need 18 to 24 months to understand and land in the US market, the Market Fit Program helps entrepreneurs achieve this in just three months. You will learn from experts and connect with the community for a valuable soft-landing experience.

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