Celebrating National Agriculture and Labor Day with Mana Agro

The Mana Common initiative fosters a fertile ground for sustainable farming practices and ensures fair treatment for all workers involved.

May 1, 2024 · 1 Minute Read

National Agriculture and Labor day Mana Common, Mana Agro

In honor of National Agriculture and Labor Day, Mana Common is proud to highlight Mana Agro, our division dedicated to nurturing the Colombian fruit production chain while upholding equitable labor standards.

Since its formation in 2016, the venture has spearheaded the promotion of environmentally conscious farming methods across Latin America. Headquartered in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, Mana Agro specializes in top-quality produce, including mangoes, Hass avocados, Tahiti limes, and MD-2 pineapples.

Agriculture, Day Mana, Common Mana AgroMana Agro’s dedicated team measures avocado dry matter to guarantee each fruit arrives with the perfect level of freshness and flavor.

Their offerings are in constant supply and available year-round. The organization operates as one of Colombia’s largest packing houses, with expanded operations reaching Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Argentina and the United States. 

Mana Agro has effectively sustained its mission of strengthening the Latin American farming industry by providing education, connections, and access to digital platforms for farmers. Through these collaborative efforts, Mana Agro has guaranteed fair prices and quality products while empowering the agricultural communities it serves. Click here to discover more about their impactful efforts.

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